Things To Know About Residential Glass

The glass that is found in your home's windows and sliding doors can be one part of the structure that you may sorely neglect. When this is the situation, it can be easy to find yourself facing the need to upgrade or otherwise replace your windows, and if you lack accurate information for this task, you could make mistakes that can increase the cost of this project while decreasing the quality of the results that you get.

Can Residential Glass Be Made More Energy Efficient?

Replacing the windows of your home can be an excellent opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of the entire structure. Many homeowners will fail to appreciate the ways that windows can lower the efficiency of their homes. This can be through the sunlight entering the house or direct transfer of heat through the glass. By choosing to have high-efficiency windows installed, your home will be able to drastically reduce the amount of energy that is needed to maintain a stable interior temperature.

Will Cracked Glass Have To Be Replaced Or Can It Be Patched?

When one of the panes of glass becomes cracked, you may immediately assume that replacing the glass is the only way to repair it. Yet, it will often be possible to patch glass that ha suffered shallow scratches or chips. These patches are done by applying a resin to the glass so that it can bond to it and close the crack. Unfortunately, it may not always be possible to have this type of damage patched as the glass may be too structurally weakened.

Will The Window Frame Have To Be Replaced When New Glass Is Installed?

There may come a time when you find that your window simply needs to be replaced. When replacing the window becomes unavoidable, you may have concerns about needing to have the entire window frame replaced as well. Depending on the type of glass that you want to have installed along with the design of your current window frames, it may be possible to simply install the new glass in the current frames. For those that find they must also upgrade the frame, it can be wise to verify that the type of frames you choose for your new windows is designed for the type of glass you are wanting to use. This can drastically reduce the potential for problems during the design and construction phases while requiring minimal effort from the homeowner.

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