How To Keep Your Auto Glass In Good Condition

Clean, intact windshields and windows are necessary for a safe driving experience. Proper auto glass care can prevent car accidents by giving you a clear line of sight to everything happening outside your car. Here are three care tips that will help you keep your auto glass in great shape.

1. Wash your windshields and windows regularly.

Some people are particularly diligent about keeping their car clean, making an effort to wash it at least once a week. Others let their car go for a month or longer between car washes. While there's nothing wrong with conserving water by going longer between washes, you should clean your auto glass more regularly. Bird droppings, dirt, and mineral deposits can accumulate on your front and rear windshields over time, obstructing your view. You can keep your windshields clean by using an auto glass cleaner on the inside and outside of your car windshields. Newspaper or lint-free microfiber can give your auto glass a beautiful, streak-free finish.

2. Address damage as it occurs.

Some auto glass damage is unavoidable. Your windshields protect you from the debris found on the road, which means sometimes it gets impacted by flying rocks and other objects. As soon as you notice a crack or chip in your windshield, you should call an auto glass repair shop at your earliest convenience. Glass damage will only worsen over time, and if you don't fix it immediately, you may end up needing to change your entire windshield. Be proactive about fixing any minor issues that arise.

3. Clear away cloudy buildup.

Over time, a cloudy buildup can form on your windows and windshields. According to It Still Runs, this buildup is often caused by pollution in the air of your car. Cigarette smoke and particles in the air outside and get taken in through your car's vents. You can clear away this buildup and make your car windows look as good as new using vinegar. Spray vinegar on the inside of your car's auto glass and use it to wipe away the hazy film. If your windows still look cloudy after you're finished, you can repeat the process with an abrasive sponge for more cleaning power.

By following these three tips, you can ensure your auto glass continues to protect your car. Maintaining your windows and windshields can prevent costly replacements. Clean auto glass will help you and your loved ones stay safe on the road.

For more information, contact a local auto glass service.