Is There Any Way To Prevent A Window Crack From Spreading?

When your window develops a crack, it's best to have the piece fixed as soon as possible. If you don't have the money to pay for the repairs or your appointment with the window tech is days away, then preventing the crack from spreading is your next best option. Here are a couple of ways you can temporarily fix a crack until you can have permanent repairs done.

Place Tape on the Crack

One quick and easy thing you can do to prevent the damage from spreading is to place tape over the crack. This will help provide support to the area, which may help it withstand environmental stressors a little better (e.g. expansion and contraction from heat and cold). Additionally, if the glass does ultimately break, the tape will hold the pieces together and provide a barrier that prevent the air in the home from leaking out and vice versa.

Clear packing tape works best, especially if it's a window you need to see through. However, duct and masking tape will also work. Completely cover the crack on both sides of the glass to provide maximum reinforcement. If the glass is very dirty, carefully clean it using an acetone nail polish or alcohol so the tape sticks when you place. It.

Cover with Superglue

Another temporary fix is to cover the crack with superglue. The benefit of using this option over packing tape is the glue will actually seep into the crack to provide a better hold. However, you cannot easily remove the glue like you can tape, so it's best to only use this option when you're planning on replacing the window completely.

Before covering the crack with superglue, place tape around to help stabilize and support the area. If the window is dirty, again, clean it using alcohol or an acetone nail polish remover. Last, carefully apply the superglue to the crack. If it doesn't appear the glue is seeping into the crack, then apply on both sides.

Unlike the tape option, superglue may not prevent air from leaking into or out of the area. Thus, you may want to cover the glass with plastic or bubble wrap, which will provide more insulation than cardboard or paper.

While you can't prevent the crack from spreading permanently, these solutions should hold until you can get the window repaired or replaced. For more information about these treatments or to schedule an appointment for glass repair, contact a local company.