Are Your Windows Ready To Be Replaced?

Window replacement is a labor and cost intensive venture that needs the expertise of a professional and experienced window contractor. Before embarking on it you need to ask yourself the following three questions:

  • Do I have the budget for window replacement right now?
  • Is it necessary to replace these windows?
  • Am I prepared to replace my windows?

Windows often make up 5% of the cost of remodeling. For example, if it will cost you $100,000 to remodel your home, the windows and doors will take $5000, which is a tidy sum. Below are five reasons that your windows may need to be replaced.

They Are Damaged

A damaged window is of no use to you, and that is the perfect reason for a new one. Understandably, a ball or rock through one window is not enough reason to replace all of them, but damage from storms, earthquakes, or fires merits a full replacement job:

They Are Not Secure

Intruders always look for various entry points to enter a house, including basement windows. Some windows are purely for aesthetic purposes and do nothing to keep your home secure. Find another more secure window option which will still satisfy your need for beautiful aesthetics.

You Are Remodeling

Remodeling usually means out with the old and in with the new. It is counterproductive to hold on to old panes while the rest of the house looks spanking new. In fact, the window contractor will advise you that the windows will no longer work optimally because they probably do not fit into the new mold.

You Want to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Ever heard of a drafty room? Your energy bills could be skyrocketing because your windows are poorly treated. They may be allowing too much hot or cold air into the house causing you to use too much electricity to heat or cool the house.

You Have Bought a New House

Acquiring a new home is exciting but most new homeowners notice areas that could do with some improvements. Old windows should be the first areas to be improved as windows are instrumental in keeping the elements out.

Admittedly, sinking $5000 or more into a window project is quite daunting. You can make it a slow project that spans a period of several months. This way, you do not stray from your budget and can still enjoy the results of the project at hand. Contact a company, like Valley Glass Utility, for more help.