Choosing The Right Film For Your Glass Installation

If you are tired of the same old windows and if you would like to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows, consider tinting them. Many shades are available that can give your home a new look and will also protect your windows from shattering. There are even clear window tints that are only designed for safety and security.

Decorative Film

Decorative window  films are the thinnest options. They provide some protection from UV rays. The primary reason for these films is to beautify your home. They can give your windows a frosted, etched or stained glass look while still allowing you to keep your original windows.

Frosted glass is ideal if you want a luxe look. Stained glass gives your home a more classic look that is reminiscent of cathedrals. Etched glass is great if you want to include designs or text on your glass.

Security Film

Security films are the thickest and strongest films. They are designed to transform your windows into security glasses. These films are ideal for homes that are in locations that are prone to storms. They are also great for preventing intruders from breaking into your home. Rather than shattering, the glass will form spiderwebs and will otherwise remain intact.

Keeping your windows intact in areas that are prone to hurricanes will help prevent your roof from being blown off your house. Otherwise, the pressure generated by the hurricane can deliver enough upward force to tear it off.

Solar Film

Solar tint is another thick window covering and is designed to protect your home from solar infiltration. It insulates your windows to prevent heat from entering or escaping. It helps balance hot and cold spots in your home. It also blocks harmful sun rays. These are ideal for rooms in your home with televisions or computers since they cut glare.

The benefit of solar tint is that you will cut the majority of the heat that would otherwise enter your home. You will also lower your air conditioning costs by reducing how hard it must work to keep your home cool. This has the added benefit of helping the environment.

Another benefit of window tints in general is that they provide your home with more privacy. Regardless of which option you choose, outsiders will not be able to see through your windows even when you haven't drawn the blinds. If you do not like the appearance of blinds or drapes, window tints are an alternative. Visit a site like for more help.