Want to Make Your Bathroom More Stylish? A Few Shower Enclosure Options

If you would like a more trendy or stylish bathroom, changing your shower enclosure can make a big difference. If you already know the look you want to achieve, head to the local bathroom supply store to buy or order what you need. If you aren't quite sure, here are a few things you should know about enclosures that can help you choose a design you like.

Enclosure Options

The first thing you need to decide is what type of enclosure you want. You can have a framed enclosure for the shower stall, sliding doors that sit on top of a bathtub, or a wall that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom but the stall is not completely enclosed. It is important to consider the size of the bathroom and how much area you want dedicated to the shower. Unless you want to move the plumbing, the new shower will need to go where the current one is. However, you can adjust the size if there is extra room available.

Type of Glass

Once you know what type of enclosure you will be getting, you can decide on the glass. You may want to have a completely clear glass if you are going with a frameless shower enclosure to make the room look larger. It is also possible to get glass cubes in either clear or frosted glass. For a bit of decoration, try etched or colored glass.

Frame Material

If there will be a frame on the glass for the enclosure, choose a metal that will complement the rest of the room. You can also have this metal used to create fake panes in the glass. You may want to have a simple metal but painted a color that will contrast the rest of the room to draw attention to the shower stall.

Door Type

Decide if you want the shower door to swing open or slide. Remember, if it swings, you will need extra space. A door that swings out will require extra space in the bathroom, but one that swings inward will require a larger shower area. It can be very tricky to get into the shower if the door swings in and you are large or holding a child.

Since the shower usually takes up a large amount of space in the bathroom, you may want to design it first. It may be easier to match the towel rods with the shower door and the other way around.