Reasons To Install A Glass Shower

Upgrading your bathroom is a great way to enjoy your private space more fully. While you cannot afford a full upgrade, you still want to do something to make your bathroom more modern and inviting.

Adding a glass shower door enclosure, like those from Superior Frameless Showers, is a modern upgrade you can enjoy. Here are just a few reasons why.

A glass shower door adds allure.

In an otherwise plain or dated bathroom, a glass shower door really stands out, making the rest of the space more inviting as a result. You can customize your shower door by having etched, frosted, or even stained glass put into your bathroom. Speak to your shower door installation expert about the different styles of shower enclosures based on your budget and personal style.

A glass shower door makes your bathroom bigger.

A glass shower door eliminates the need for bulky shower curtains, giving your bathroom the illusion of space. Furthermore, the glass enclosure actually makes way for more space in your bathroom, giving you shelving space for housing hair products and other items.

If your bathroom is on the small side and you want to make it appear larger, then a glass shower door is an ideal install. Your door can be installed to open outward or inward, based on your personal preference, or can be a sliding door instead to save space.

A glass shower door is a simple upgrade.

Many bathroom upgrades take a lot of time and money to complete, such as new plumbing fixtures or cabinetry. Installing a glass shower door is a relatively easy job (although you should still hire a professional to do the work).

After measurements are made, your bathroom door is ready to be installed. Your installation expert will quickly and efficiently install the glass door so it is secure and ready for immediate use.

A glass shower door is easy to clean.

Shower curtains get moldy, and bare tubs lead to water buildup and spills. A glass shower door is very easy to clean. You can clean your shower door after every shower or bath, wiping the surface down with a clean rag.

If you want to minimize mold exposure and mildew, invest in glass shower doors. Secure and watertight, the investment will make it much easier to keep your bathroom cleaner for longer.

Glass shower doors are available in many styles, including frameless designs. Talk to your shower door specialist to learn more about glass enclosures for your bathroom.