Solving Some Issues With Large Retail Windows

The large glass windows that front your small retail business are an important aspect of drawing in customers, since window displays are a major tool of encouraging walk-in business. Unfortunately, these windows can also cost your business money if you aren't careful. The following are some common troubles and how to avoid them.

Problem: Sun damage

Sun damage is more likely if you have a south-facing business, but no shop front is immune. There are two solutions for this issue. The first is to install awnings to help shield the windows from direct sunlight. This can be an attractive solution if they are positioned so that the low-setting or rising sun doesn't shine beneath the awning. The awning may also need to be approved by the retail district or business owner. The other solution is to have a UV-resistant window film installed. These allow light through and street traffic can still see into your shop, but the film blocks the UV light that damages the items on display.

Problem: Theft magnet

Large windows can be enticing to thieves, particularly those that simply want to smash and grab from the display. A permanent metal grid is effective but unattractive. A security screen that can be opened during business hours and completely tucked away, then closed and locked securely at night, is a much more attractive choice. If broken windows and theft are rare, you may choose to bypass the screen and instead apply security film. This film helps prevent windows from shattering, making it much harder for a thief to smash the glass.

Problem: Vandalism

Vandalism can be a major problem in some business districts. Graffiti is likely the most common issue, whether it's vandals spray painting across walls and windows, or a small act of "tagging" with a permanent marker or using sharp objects to etch the glass. The best way to prevent this is to have an anti-graffiti film installed. Any damage, whether from paint, ink, or etching, only affects the film. It is much easier to replace the film than to replace badly damaged show windows. This film is invisible when installed.

If you opt to use commercial window film to solve your window concerns, keep in mind you can combine film types in a single product. For example, there are films available that provide both graffiti resistance and that guard against UV rays. Contact a commercial window film company for more help.