3 Surprising Ways To Incorporate Glass Into Your Commercial Space

Commercial buildings are constructed using a variety of materials. While most business owners consider the benefits of wood, stone, and stucco during the design phase of a new commercial building, few take the time to consider how glass can be incorporated into their commercial space in new and surprising ways.

If you are constructing or remodeling a commercial space in the near future, use glass to help accentuate your building's design.

1. Interior Glass Partitions

Dividing a large commercial space up into several smaller offices is often an essential need for large companies. In the past, cubicles were defined with carpeted partitions that left workers feeling isolated. You can achieve the same space-dividing results by opting to use glass partitions instead of a traditional cubicle wall.

The glass partitions can be treated with a decorative finish that reduces their transparency, yet still allows natural light to travel throughout your commercial space. Glass partitions are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, lending a more modern vibe to your commercial building's interior.

2. Glass Railings

If your interior space consists of several floors, you will need railings to adorn the stairways between each floor. Glass provides the perfect material for modern stairways. A glass railing doesn't disrupt the sight line within your space, allowing your commercial building to feel more open and spacious.

Combined with aluminum hardware, glass railings can create a sleek and modern look within your commercial space while maintaining maximum safety and functionality.

3. Art

Artwork helps to soften the interior of a commercial building. When you want the artwork in your commercial space to be modern and interesting, glass can be a great solution. Large panels of decorative glass can be affixed to walls within your commercial building.

These panels are typically constructed of tempered glass, making them durable and impact-resistant. Varying designs can be etched into the glass, and colored inlays can be added for interest.

Glass panels used as artwork will help to maintain style consistency for your commercial buildings that also have interior glass partitions and glass handrails within their design.

Glass is a versatile material that can be incorporated into a commercial space in many unique and interesting ways. Consider the benefits of using glass to divide a large area into smaller workspaces, protect your stairways, and adorn the walls of your office as artwork.

Using glass in unexpected ways will allow you to create a comfortable and intriguing commercial space that your employees and customers will enjoy. For more information, contact your local commercial glass services.