4 Tips to Maintain and Protect Auto Glass in Custom Pickup Trucks

You have invested a lot of time and money in building a custom pickup truck. Some of the work that you have done may include custom glass and window tinting that was made especially for your truck. With pickup trucks, there are regular auto glass maintenance needs and some extra care required to prevent cracks, chips, and shattered glass. Here are some tips to help you maintain and protect the auto glass in your custom pickup truck:

1. Be Safe With Modern Safety Glass Replacement in Your Classic Pickup

If you have an old classic or antique pickup, one of the problems that you may have is the glass not being shatter-resistant. Today, modern auto safety glass protects you from being injured when the glass breaks. If you have original glass that is not auto safety glass, then it is a good idea to have it replaced with modern safety materials to keep you safe in case of an accident.

2. Keeping Your Glass Clean and Polished to Prevent Scratches and Chips

The smallest damage to glass can be some of the worst. Chips and scratches are unsightly and can lead to serious damage to the glass because it becomes weak in these areas and can crack. Keeping your glass clean is important to prevent these types of problems. In addition, you may want to apply a protective wax glass coating when you wash your car, which can also help with visibility problems while driving in rainy weather conditions.

3. Protecting Tint From Peeling, Fading, and Unsightly Scratches

Tinting is common on custom pickup trucks and low riders and is usually a glass film that can be damaged.  Exposure to UV light and water may cause films to peel up at the edges, and abrasives can scratch it. To prevent tint from being damaged, park your truck in covered parking when possible and be careful not to get water on the edges of the film when you clean the glass. If you want to prevent these problems, talk with an auto glass service about installing glass that has been manufactured with the tint in it instead of with a film.

4. Winter Car Care and Protecting Your Glass When Temperatures Drop

Your truck is going to need maintenance during the cold winter months, which should include the glass. Before the temperatures drop below the freezing mark, inspect the rubber seals around windows for cracks and replace them if needed. In addition, be careful with glass when it is cold, because it is more fragile, so you will want to make sure to close doors gentling and avoid causing stress that can crack or shatter the glass.

These maintenance tips will help keep the glass in your custom truck like new and prevent damage. If you need help with the installation or repairs to glass in your truck, contact anauto glass repair service for a professional installation to avoid problems like installation cracks.