4 Tips to Maintain and Protect Auto Glass in Custom Pickup Trucks

You have invested a lot of time and money in building a custom pickup truck. Some of the work that you have done may include custom glass and window tinting that was made especially for your truck. With pickup trucks, there are regular auto glass maintenance needs and some extra care required to prevent cracks, chips, and shattered glass. Here are some tips to help you maintain and protect the auto glass in your custom pickup truck: Read More 

How To Make Your Commercial Space Look New And Updated

If you have a commercial building that needs a little bit of revamping, then you may be wondering how on earth you will get it to look better. With a little bit of time and money, you can transform just about any space -- no matter how bad of shape it is in. From new glass windows and doors to a new roof, this article will list a few things that you can do that will have a huge impact. Read More 

3 Surprising Ways To Incorporate Glass Into Your Commercial Space

Commercial buildings are constructed using a variety of materials. While most business owners consider the benefits of wood, stone, and stucco during the design phase of a new commercial building, few take the time to consider how glass can be incorporated into their commercial space in new and surprising ways. If you are constructing or remodeling a commercial space in the near future, use glass to help accentuate your building's design. Read More 

How Long Does Shower Enclosure Installation Take?

Installing a shower enclosure is a fairly simple process. Under the right conditions, you can install yours in just one day. Although the process is a bit demanding, it's just simple enough for a regular homeowner to be able to pull it off. Making the right preparations is important if you wish to install your shower enclosure as quickly as possible. If you have to go get something from the store every other hour, the process could take you a bit longer. Read More 

Caring For Your Glass Water Pipe Without Issue

Glass water pipes are just one option for dry herb smoking. Unfortunately, they do require cleaning from time to time. So, how often do you need to clean your glass water pipe and how do you do it? Are there solutions that should never be used to clean your glass water pipe? Here, you will learn a little about caring for your glass water pipe. What do you use to clean a glass water pipe? Read More